Creating an AGID-Compliant WordPress Site with Bootstrap Italia for ‘Oleario’

Exploring the captivating realm of “Oleario. Where Italy Leaves Its Mark,” our partnership with Kapusons Srl led to the development of a WordPress theme using the innovative Bootstrap Italia framework. This library stands as the cornerstone for crafting modern, inclusive, and easily maintainable web interfaces.

Content Management System (CMS) Front-end Development

Bridging Open Source Versatility with Government Design Standards

Seamless Fusion of Open Source Innovation and Government Guidelines

Entirely open source yet meticulously tailored in accordance with the “Guidelines for the Design of Websites and Digital Services for Public Administration,” this library ensures impeccable design, usability, and accessibility.

Empowering 'Oleario' Through Translated UI Kit Elements and Expert Consultancy

From Design Patterns to Engaging Web Experiences: Elevating 'Oleario' with Bootstrap Italia

Drawing from the patterns and components defined in the Designers Italia UI Kit, Bootstrap Italia translates them into preconfigured, readily usable code. Our consultancy ensured that the “Oleario” site fully adhered to the guidelines for design, accessibility, and usability, contributing to the creation of a web experience that magnifies the beauty and essence of Italy’s olive and oil heritage.