Digital Transformation for ‘La Sapienza’ University’s CTL – A Kapusons and Snoozle Studio Collaboration

Personalized consultancy for Kapusons Srl on the creation of WordPress themes and plug-ins

Snoozle Studio for Kapusons Srl

Our partnership with Kapusons Srl took us on a consultancy journey which resulted in the creation of a cutting edge WordPress site.

Content Management System (CMS) Front-end Development WordPress Plugin Development

Flawless design

Creating a custom WordPress theme

Each element has been carefully designed and followed in the realization to guarantee a perfect representation. From the layout to the aesthetics, our team has made sure that the essence of the “Transportation and Logistics Research Center” (CTL) is perfectly reflected in every pixel.

Unique features

State-of-the-art custom plugins

Innovation knows no bounds and neither does our commitment to Kapusons’ success. This led us to embark on the development of custom, meticulously coded and seamlessly integrated plugins that streamlined processes, but also empowered CTL with dynamic tools to captivate and inspire its visitors.

CTL Platform of the University 'La Sapienza'

A state-of-the-art WordPress site

The synergy between Snoozle Studio and Kapusons Srl culminated in a consultancy engagement which resulted in a cutting-edge WordPress site for “The Research Center for Transport and Logistics” of the “La Sapienza” University. This platform is testament to the power of tailored advice, bespoke design, and innovative plug-ins in creating a digital presence that resonates.

Experience the transformational journey of digital collaboration with Snoozle Studio and Kapusons Srl, where custom WordPress themes and pioneering plugins converge to create captivating digital experiences.