SnoozleStudio Partners with iubenda: Ensuring Compliance for Your Website or App

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SnoozleStudio is Now iubenda Partner: Find Out How We Can Help You Adapt Your Site or App to the Regulations

We are excited to announce that SnoozleStudio has partnered with iubenda, a renowned company specializing in legal and technical expertise in the compliance sector. As Certified Partners of iubenda, we have collaborated to offer all our customers a simple and secure solution to meet their compliance needs. In this article, we will provide an overview of the main legal requirements that website and app owners must adhere to, and how our partnership with iubenda can assist you in achieving compliance.

Overview of Legal Requirements for Websites and Apps Owners

  1. Privacy and Cookie Policy:
    Every website and app that collects personal data must disclose relevant details to users through dedicated privacy and cookie notices. Privacy policies should include essential elements such as contact and identifying details of the data controller, purposes and methods of processing, legal bases of processing, third-parties with access to data, data transfer details (if applicable), user rights, notification process for policy changes, and the effective date of the policy. The cookie policy should specifically describe the types of cookies used, third-party references, and the purposes of processing.
  2. EU Cookie Law:
    Compliance with the cookie law requires displaying an informative cookie banner at the user’s first visit, linking to a detailed cookie policy. Users should have the option to grant or reject consent for cookie installation, and consent is necessary for most types of cookies, including those from third-party tools like social sharing buttons. Implementing a cookie management system is essential to maintain ad revenue and ensure compliance.
  3. CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act):
    Businesses must inform California users about the usage and purpose of their data, their rights, and how to exercise them, including the right to opt-out. Compliance involves incorporating relevant disclosures within the privacy policy and displaying a notice of collection on the first visit (when applicable). Additionally, businesses should provide a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” (DNSMPI) link to facilitate opt-out requests.
  4. Consent According to GDPR and LGPD:
    Obtaining freely given, specific, and informed consent is crucial when users provide personal data directly through contact forms, service registrations, or newsletter subscriptions. Valid consent must be documented, containing information such as unique user identification code, accepted privacy policy content, the form submitted by the user, and the opt-in mechanism used.
  5. Terms and Conditions:
    While not always legally required, having Terms and Conditions protects online businesses from potential liabilities. It sets the rules and conditions for using products, services, or content, and may include copyright clauses, disclaimers, terms of sale, governing law, consumer protection clauses, and more.

How SnoozleStudio and iubenda Can Help You

Our partnership with iubenda allows us to provide you with the following solutions to ensure compliance:

  1. Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator:
    We can create a fully customized, self-updating privacy and cookie policy for your site or app using iubenda’s extensive database of clauses drafted and reviewed by international legal experts.
  2. Cookie Solution:
    By implementing iubenda’s Cookie Solution, you can comply with EU Cookie Law, CCPA, and third-party requirements. It facilitates the display of compliant cookie banners, the preventive blocking of profiling cookies, and the collection of user consent for cookie installation.
  3. Consent Solution:
    With iubenda’s Consent Solution, we can collect and store unambiguous proof of consent whenever a user fills out a form on your website or app, meeting GDPR and LGPD requirements. It also documents opt-out requests from Californian consumers under the CCPA.
    Using iubenda’s Terms and Conditions Generator, we can create a fully customized, self-updating document tailored to your site or app’s specific business model and legal requirements.

For a personalized proposal and to find out how we can help you adapt your site or app to the regulations, please contact us here. We are committed to ensuring your compliance journey is simple and effective with the support of iubenda’s professional solutions. Let SnoozleStudio and iubenda be your trusted partners in achieving compliance and safeguarding your online business.